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WeVapor has been hard at work creating flavors that are not only absolutely delicious, but also 

free of harmful ingredients like Diacetyl and 2,3-Pentanedione (Acetyl Propionyl).  Both Diacetyl and Acetyl 

Propionyl are controversial ingredients that have the potential to have harmful health effects. More specifically 

Diacetyl is a serious cause for concern for all vapers for its potential to cause the dreaded "popcorn lung". In short, 

"popcorn lung" causes irreversible damage to the lungs from inhalation. In the midst of 

all the drama in the industry, WeVapor strives to provide our costumers with safe affordable e-

liquids.This week we got the independent results on our first nine tested flavors! 

As a small business we do have some financial constraints and were only able to test the first nine 

this month. We plan on expanding our tested line by at least six more flavors by mid October, and hopefully

have the results for ALL of our e-liquids by the end of the year. This

first round we tested our entire LionHeart line, both current flavors and upcoming flavors that are being 

released in about a week (Milk Em' & Milky Marsh). We also tested some of our most popular Roxwell flavors 

in this batch as well! 

First 9 Tested Flavors & There Results (Click Flavor To View Results): 

Roxwell Strawberry Lemonade

Roxwell Watermelon 

Roxwell Classic

Roxwell Mango Peach

LionHeart Mac N Coco (Macaroons & Coconut) 

LionHeart Pebbles Of Fruit (Fruity Cereal) 

LionHeart On A Roll (Cinnamon Roll) 

LionHeart Milk Em' (Milk & Honey) 

LionHeart Milky Marsh (Marshmallow) 

Pending Flavors: 

Sex On The Sand

New Mint 

Caramel Macchiato 

Chocolate Mint

 Ocean Breeze 

Vanilla Custard 

Cream Berry 


Irish Mint 


Carolina Cream 

Pina Colada 

We look forward to releasing the results of another six flavors next month! Until then please remember 

to ROX ON Responsibly :) 

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