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New Payment Options & October's Top Sellers! 

WeVapor has been working hard to take our customers' requests and make them a reality. Over the past couple months our customers have been asking for a quicker checkout process. We have listened and implemented both Apple Pay and Rebillia, a saved credit card option, for a smoother customer checkout experience.

New Payment Options: Apply Pay & Rebillia

WeVapor wanted to improve our customer checkout experience after numerous requests from you, the customer. We have added an Apple Pay option in our checkout that is perfect for customers who prefer to order off of their cellular device. Taking in the time to type in your credit card information is a thing of the past. This is PERFECT for all you iPhone users! Simply click Apple Pay and your order will be placed! Please keep in mind that you must use safari browser on a IOS 10 or newer device to be able to use this payment option.

Now you non Apple Pay users may be asking what about us? We have also implemented a program that allows our customers to save their credit card information on their accounts for future purchases! We have implemented Rebillia, a fully PCI compliant program that works with, our payment processor. Here are answers to some of the questions you may have!

How do I add a payment option to my account?
1) To add a saved payment option simply click My Account on the top right hand side of our homepage.
2) Scroll down to manage payment options and add your preferred payment option.
3) From now on all you have to do is type in your CVC (Card Verification Code) when checking out.

Is storing my information safe?
Yes of course! Our customers privacy and data is our top priority. Rebillia is fully PCI compliant and works with our payment processor, which is one of the most trusted payment processors in the industry.

Can I store more than one credit card?
Of course you can store as many cards as you would like!

Why are my saved credit cards not showing up?
Typically if your credit is not saving, cookies are not enabled on your specific browser. Cookies are pieces of data stored by web browsers that websites and applications can use to remember a web browser from one request to the next. They allow features like shopping carts and user account login to function. To enable cookies for your specific browser simply follow the steps below:


1. Click Safari in the menu bar.

2. Click Preferences...

3. Click the Privacy panel.

4. *For the option Cookies and website data, select Always allow.

*In older versions of Safari, for the option Block cookies, select Never

Internet Explorer

1. Click the cog/tools menu icon in the upper right of the window.

2. Click Internet Options.

3. Click the Privacy tab.

4. Click Sites

5. In the Address of website field enter [*] and [*] Be sure to include the square brackets before and after the asterisk.

6. Click Allow, then OK.


1. Click the menu icon in the upper right side of the browser window.

2. Click Settings.

3. Click Show advanced settings...

4. Click Content settings...

5. Ensure the option Allow local data to be set (recommended) is selected.

6.Click Manage exceptions...

7.In the field labeled Hostname pattern enter [*.] Be sure to include the square brackets before and after the asterisk.

8.Leave the Behavior drop down set to Allow, then click Done.


1. Click the menu icon.

2. Open the Options window.

For Windows users, click Options.

For Mac OS users, click Preferences...

3. Click the Privacy panel.

4. In the History section, select Firefox will: Remember history.

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